Events and Speaking Engagements


I sincerely enjoy speaking engagements and media interviews. I feel privileged to meet and speak with people who share a passion for books and ideas.

I ended my speaking engagements last September to focus on the writing of my next book, Sir John’s Echo, but I am again accepting invitations.  You can contact me directly at


January 1: Sir John’s Echo: The Voice for a Stronger Canada became available for pre-order:




January 7: Sir John A. Macdonald Society, Hamilton

January 10: My column for Canadian Encyclopaedia: Canada and the American Civil War was published.

February 1: Men’s Club, Lakefield

February 25: Radio Interview, 1010 Talk Radio, Toronto

March 20: My column for Canadian Encyclopaedia: Thomas James Whelan was published:

March 22: Radio Interview, John Gormley, Saskatoon

March 27: My column for Canadian Encyclopedia: The Intercontinental Railway was published:

March 28, Holy Trinity School, Richmond Hill

March 30: Cold Fire: Kennedy’s Northern Front, shortlisted for Dafoe Literary award for non-fiction

April 1: Publication of Sir John’s Echo: The Voice for a Stronger Canada

April 3: Television Interview: Don Martin, CTV Power Play, Ottawa

April 11: Learning and Leisure, Peterborough

April 12: 11:00 Radio Interview: The Commentary, Vancouver

April 12: 7:00 Lakefield Book Launch, Christ Church and Community Museum, Lakefield

April 18: Tape Interviews TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin, one regarding Sir John’s Echo and a second as part of a panel

April 19: Lakefield Probus Club, Lakefield Legion

April 20: Trent Valley Archives Annual Event, Hyland Park, Peterborough

May 3: (10:30 am) Peterborough Probus Club, Naval Club Peterborough

May 3: (6:00 pm) Men’s Club, Lakefield

May 16: Hastings County Historical Society, Belleville

May 21: CTV News: Discussing Cornwallis Statue and Mother Canada statue controversies

May 30: Airing of two segments on Sir John’s Echo on TVO’s Steve Paikin The Agenda

July 18: Historical Society, Gravenhurst


January 25: Interview, Tristin Hopper, National Post

January 30: Radio Interview, Todd Van der Hayden, CJAD – Ontario, Quebec, BC

Listen Here: Go to View Points and scroll to 1 hour on timeline:

January 31: Globe and Mail-Ben McNally Brunch, Toronto ON

January 31: Cold Fire excerpt: Toronto Star

February 1: Radio Interview: Mike Duncan, Classical 96.3, Toronto


February 3: Radio Interview: Joseph Planta, The Commentary

Listen here:

February 10: Radio Interview: John Gormley, CKOM 650, Saskatoon

February 11: Interview with Lakefield Herald

February 17: Taping Television Interview: TVO Steve Paikin, The Agenda

February 18: Watch TVO Steve Paikin, The Agenda for first part of interview covering Cold Fire’s major themes

February 19: Interview with Peterborough This Week

February 23: Learning and Leisure, Peterborough, ON

February 24: Local Book Launch, Christ Church and Museum, Lakefield

February 29: Rotary Club, Peterborough, ON

March 7: The Arlene Bynon Show” on Sirius XM Canada Talks. 4:00 pm ET

March 8: National Post Radio on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, 9:00 am ET

March 16: Publication of Op. Ed. Column in Globe and Mail

March 22: Women’s Probus Club, Lindsay, ON

March 24: Eh List, Toronto Public Library, Toronto, ON

March 31: Airing of TVO Steve Paikin, The Agenda at 8:00 and 11:00 focussing on Canada, Kennedy, and the Cuban Missile Crisis

April 20: Scugog Historical Society, St John’s Presbyterian Church, 7.30, Port Perry

April 24: Books on Beechwood, 35 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa,

May 17: Belleville Historical Society, Belleville, ON

May 31: A Different Drummer Books: The Book & Author Series, Burlington Golf and Country Club, 422 North Shore Boulevard East, 9:30 am.

June 2: Fenians 150th Anniversary Conference, Fort Erie, ON

June 21, Probus Club, Gravenhurst, ON

July 17: Lakefield Literary Festival, Lakefield, ON

I will also be teaching a writing class. Sign up at

July 20: Probus Club, Lakefield, ON

August 6: Civil War Event, Morrisburg, ON

September 18: Word on the Street Festival, Saskatoon, SK




My Literary Agent: Daphne Hart

My publicist at Penguin Random House-Knopf: Shona Cook –

My publicist at Gooselane Editions: Cheryl Norrad –

My Personal Email:

6 thoughts on “Events and Speaking Engagements

  1. I am very much enjoying your current book “Blood and Daring”. Our book club is meeting Monday night to discuss. I particularly liked the representation of slavery. As I live in South Carolina in the winter, I am used to hearing a certain view and listening to the story told from the southern perspective, Your ‘s is the best description I have seen and I am sharing it with many friends and colleagues. I have loved history all my life. Your writing is the best I have ever experienced, making history come alive and revealing so many perspectives and most importantly told from the perspective of people living these events. Thank you for a compelling and insightful read. I am looking forward to reading your earlier books and anticipating your next one. Jill Hutcheon


  2. John – am enjoying “Cold North”. Reviewing above dates and didn’t see our Probus Gravenhurst June 21 date listed. Everything AOK? Keith.


  3. John – am enjoying “Cold Fire”. Reviewing above dates and didn’t see our Probus Gravenhurst June 21 date listed. Everything AOK? Keith.


  4. i really like this recipe.. with the dry and the small amount of cocoa.. these are perfect to make a batch and then reach out for the mid-meal hunger pangs!!


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