Change is Coming to Lakefield

Lakefield will change more in the next ten years than in the last fifty.

After decades of talking about it, plans are now being made to build a new community in Lakefield South, between the water tower and 7th Line. Current plans call for 966 houses on 40 foot-lots, townhouses, and apartments/condos. When complete, the development will double Lakefield’s population.

We need to do this right and so we need strong leadership on Selwyn Township Council.

Growth must be fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable. Growth must protect our community’s safety, character, and quality of life.  Growth must be in the best interest of Lakefield’s current residents and our future neightbours.

I am now enjoying conversations with a great many people about Lakefield’s challenges and opportunities. The most frequent questions I hear, however, are about what will happen to our Village when about 3000 people move in next door.

I am running for Lakefield Ward Councillor to be Lakefield’s strong voice on the Selwyn Township Council. I hope I can count on your vote.

(Please contact me with questions or suggestions:

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