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I sincerely enjoy speaking engagements and media interviews. I feel privileged to meet and speak with people who share a passion for books and ideas.

My 8th book, The Devil’s Trick: How Canada Fought the Vietnam War, was published in April 2021 and the paperback edition was released in May 2022. I am accepting invitations for media interviews and speaking engagements. You can contact me directly at

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You can order The Devil’s Trick and my other books at any independent bookstore, Amazon, or here:

2022 Events and Speaking Engagements

January 12, 2022: Laurier Centre for Canadian Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University

February 8: Lindsay Men’s Probus Club

February 9: Interview with journalist and filmmaker Paul Jay,

February 21: Women’s Art Association of Peterborough

March 16, North Grenville Probus Club

March 28: Rotary Club, Peterborough

June 14: Gananoque Probus Club, Gananoque Community Centre

June 15: Friends of South Grey Museum, Grey Highlands

June 16: Clear Lake Book Club

June 30: Appearance on CBC Radio Ontario Today

July 11: Burlington Lakeshore Probus Club

August 10: Trent Hills Probus Club, Campbellford

September 13: Hastings Library

September 21: North Bay Canadian Club

October 19: Lakefield Probus Club

October 22: Cambridge Probus Club

November 16: Bradbury Probus Club

2021 Events and Speaking Engagements

January 12: Ottawa Probus Club via Zoom 11:00am

February 9: Finish recording The Devil’s Trick audiobook at Toronto’s Pirate Recording Studio (with strict                              COVID protocols in place)

March 4: Collingwood Probus Club 11:00am

April 5: Chapters-Indigo lists The Devil’s Trick as among the most anticipated books of the spring

April 6: Burlington: Different Drum 9:30am

April 8: Lakefield Herald Interview

April 10: Article in Globe and Mail “Canada is Making the Same Mistakes in Yemen that it made in Vietnam”

April 13: Publication of The Devil’s Trick: How Canada Fought the Vietnam War

April 13: Winnipeg CJOB Radio, Geoff Currier, interview

April 14: Canadian History Ehx podcast, Craig Baird, interview

April 16: Saskatoon CKOM Radio, John Gormley, interview, 2:00 ET

April 20: Taping of TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin

April 21: Kingston Probus: 10:00am

April 21: Interview with Evan Solomon, CTV News, 1:35

April 28: Vancouver, Joe Planta, The Commentary, 5:00 ET

April 30: Appearance on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin

May 1: Globe and Mail listed The Devil’s Trick as one of 15 best spring non-fiction books to read

May 4: The Herly Burly podcast, David Herle, interview

May 10: Peterborough Rotary Club – noon

May 10: Cambridge Ideas Exchange – 7:00pm

May 13: Royal Canadian Military Institute – 1:00

May 17: Edmonton Rotary Club: noon

May 18: Collingwood by the Bay Probus Club 11:00am

May 27: Guelph Museum 7:00pm

June 1: Leaside Speakers Series 2:00

June 2: CFOS Radio Owen Sound, Dave Carr, interview

June 8: Ottawa Probus Club

June 16: CBC Radio Vancouver

June 17: Oakville Probus Club – 10:00

June 23: Tape CBC Radio Ideas

September 28 Arts and Letters Toronto – noon

October 6: Peterborough Probus Club

October 7:  CBC Radio Ideas Broadcast

October 12: Burlington Probus Club

November 3: OTD YouTube with Brad St. Croix

November 22: Veteran’s Breakfast Club: Pennsylvania

December 20: Sudbury Probus Club

2020 Events and Speaking Engagements

January 21: 680 Global News Winnipeg – Panel Discussion Regarding Wexit

January 31: Allan Bonner PodCast Interviews – Blood and Daring and The Changing Legacies of Historical Figures

February 10: The Canadian Encyclopedia published my entry on The Company of 100 Associates

February 21: CBC Books listed The Devil’s Trick as one of 40 non-fiction books to watch for in the spring of 2020.

March 6-20: Recording audio-book for The Devil’s Trick at Toronto Recording Studio

May 12: Taping interview at TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin

May 19: Different Drum, The Book & Author Series, Burlington Golf and Country Club, 422 North Shore Boulevard East, 9:30 am.

July 12: Lakefield Literary Festival: Appearing with Charlotte Gray

August 13: Huntsville Probus Club: Faith Baptist Church, 169 West Road, Huntsville,10:00

September 18: Learning and Leisure, Peterborough

2019 Events and Speaking Engagements

February 19: Learning and Leisure – Peterborough

March 25: Men’s Book Club – Lakefield

April 3: Probus Club: Ajax

June 22: Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg

October 10: Probus Club, Huntsville

2018 Events and Speaking Engagements

January 3: Canadian Encylopedia published my entry on entrepreneur Denham Jolly

January 23: Kawartha Men’s Book Club – Peterborough

February 7: AOTS: Lakefield

February 11: Burlington Art Gallery: Burlington

February 20: Hastings Historical Society – Belleville

February 27: Learning and Leisure: Peterborough

April 5: Art Gallery of Burlington: Burlington

April 10: Probus Club: Lindsay

May 9: Evinrude Centre: Peterborough


January 1: Sir John’s Echo: The Voice for a Stronger Canada became available for pre-order:




January 7: Sir John A. Macdonald Society, Hamilton

January 10: My column for the Canadian Encyclopaedia: Canada and the American Civil War was published.

February 1: Men’s Club, Lakefield

February 25: Radio Interview, 1010 Talk Radio, Toronto

March 20: My column for Canadian Encyclopaedia: Thomas James Whelan was published:

March 22: Radio Interview, John Gormley, Saskatoon

March 27: My column for Canadian Encyclopedia: The Intercontinental Railway was published:

March 28, Holy Trinity School, Richmond Hill

March 30: Cold Fire: Kennedy’s Northern Front, shortlisted for Dafoe Literary award for non-fiction

April 1: Publication of Sir John’s Echo: The Voice for a Stronger Canada

April 11: Learning and Leisure, Peterborough

April 12: 11:00 Radio Interview: The Commentary, Vancouver

April 12: 7:00 Lakefield Book Launch, Christ Church and Community Museum, Lakefield

April 18: Tape Interviews TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin, one regarding Sir John’s Echo and a second as part of a panel on Canadian federalism

April 19: Lakefield Probus Club, Lakefield Legion

April 20: Trent Valley Archives Annual Event, Hyland Park, Peterborough

May 3: (10:30 am) Peterborough Probus Club, Naval Club Peterborough

May 3: (6:00 pm) Men’s Club, Lakefield

May 16: Hastings County Historical Society, Belleville

May 21: CTV News: Discussing Cornwallis Statue and Mother Canada statue controversies

May 30: Airing of two segments on Sir John’s Echo on TVO’s Steve Paikin The Agenda

July 13: Interview on CTV Television regarding the appointment of new governor-general:

July 18: Historical Society, Gravenhurst, 10:30 a.m.

September 13: Lion’s Club Community Centre, Peterborough, 7:00 p.m.

September 20: CTV News interview discussing Trudeau, Trump, and the United Nations

October 15: Canadian Canoe Museum Annual General Meeting, Elmhurst Lodge, 2:00

November 2: Appleby College  – Oakville

November 20: Rotary Club of Peterborough as recipient of the Paul Harris Fellowship

December 11: TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin – Toronto

December 17: The Canadian Encyclopedia published my entry on entrepreneur Prima Watsa


January 25: Interview, Tristin Hopper, National Post

January 30: Radio Interview, Todd Van der Hayden, CJAD – Ontario, Quebec, BC

Listen Here: Go to View Points and scroll to 1 hour on timeline:

January 31: Globe and Mail-Ben McNally Brunch, Toronto ON

January 31: Cold Fire excerpt: Toronto Star

February 1: Radio Interview: Mike Duncan, Classical 96.3, Toronto


February 3: Radio Interview: Joseph Planta, The Commentary

Listen here:

February 10: Radio Interview: John Gormley, CKOM 650, Saskatoon

February 11: Interview with Lakefield Herald

February 17: Taping Television Interview: TVO Steve Paikin, The Agenda

February 18: Watch TVO Steve Paikin, The Agenda for first part of interview covering Cold Fire’s major themes

February 19: Interview with Peterborough This Week

February 23: Learning and Leisure, Peterborough, ON

February 24: Local Book Launch, Christ Church and Museum, Lakefield

February 29: Rotary Club, Peterborough, ON

March 7: The Arlene Bynon Show” on Sirius XM Canada Talks. 4:00 pm ET

March 8: National Post Radio on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, 9:00 am ET

March 16: Publication of Op. Ed. Column in Globe and Mail

March 22: Women’s Probus Club, Lindsay, ON

March 24: Eh List, Toronto Public Library, Toronto, ON

March 31: Airing of TVO Steve Paikin, The Agenda at 8:00 and 11:00 focussing on Canada, Kennedy, and the Cuban Missile Crisis

April 20: Scugog Historical Society, St John’s Presbyterian Church, 7.30, Port Perry

April 24: Books on Beechwood, 35 Beechwood Ave, Ottawa,

May 17: Belleville Historical Society, Belleville, ON

May 31: A Different Drummer Books: The Book & Author Series, Burlington Golf and Country Club, 422 North Shore Boulevard East, 9:30 am.

June 2: Fenians 150th Anniversary Conference, Fort Erie, ON

June 21, Probus Club, Gravenhurst, ON

July 17: Lakefield Literary Festival, Lakefield, ON

I will also be teaching a writing class. Sign up at

July 20: Probus Club, Lakefield, ON

August 6: Civil War Event, Morrisburg, ON

September 18: Word on the Street Festival, Saskatoon, SK



My Literary Agent: Jackie Kaiser at Westwood Creative Artists

My publicist at Penguin Random House-Knopf: Shona Cook –

My Personal Email:

9 thoughts on “Events and Speaking Engagements

  1. I am very much enjoying your current book “Blood and Daring”. Our book club is meeting Monday night to discuss. I particularly liked the representation of slavery. As I live in South Carolina in the winter, I am used to hearing a certain view and listening to the story told from the southern perspective, Your ‘s is the best description I have seen and I am sharing it with many friends and colleagues. I have loved history all my life. Your writing is the best I have ever experienced, making history come alive and revealing so many perspectives and most importantly told from the perspective of people living these events. Thank you for a compelling and insightful read. I am looking forward to reading your earlier books and anticipating your next one. Jill Hutcheon


  2. John – am enjoying “Cold North”. Reviewing above dates and didn’t see our Probus Gravenhurst June 21 date listed. Everything AOK? Keith.


  3. John – am enjoying “Cold Fire”. Reviewing above dates and didn’t see our Probus Gravenhurst June 21 date listed. Everything AOK? Keith.


  4. i really like this recipe.. with the dry and the small amount of cocoa.. these are perfect to make a batch and then reach out for the mid-meal hunger pangs!!


  5. 1. I have two key rings, on for the car and one for the house, never keep them together as my daughter learnt to her cost this week. Her keys were stolen, the car taken and burnt out and she had to get the locks changed on the house!!2.Shower, no bath in the Shoebox:o(3.Sunny side up and dippy.4.95% of the time.5. My darling.6. At least 30 minutes per day.Thanks for keeping up the fun Suzi


  6. I didn’t even have to directly confront the person once. A simple, loudly stated “Somebody’s going to EAT that laster pointer if they don’t put it away!” during the slide show stopped that. Thank goodness the novelty of laser pointers died away.(And it’s a good thing, because I had no idea where the kid was sitting).


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